What business taboo

There are a lot of people after

in the choice of entrepreneurship is often put all of the money, but because of the lack of attention to something in the business, eventually lead to ruin, and even ruin, really sorry. So, what should be paid attention to when starting a business? Here, Xiao Bian will analyze one by one.

1, avoid excessive trust in others, do not personally conduct market research.

2, avoid eager to get returns.

Wenzhou home private business owners, see others because of some production of plastic products to earn money crazy, but also to raise funds up burning with impatience, and decided to invest on this project as soon as possible. At this time, a technician for his advice he said: "boss, you will start time postponed for 4 months, we will be able to install a good debugging equipment the most advanced production of this product, the product is much more than the existing equipment to produce better products, that will be more popular." Unexpectedly, the boss was very unhappy and said: "postpone the start of 4 months? Do you know what it means to postpone the start of the month, which means that we will lose millions of dollars in profits in the 4." And orders start right now. But not the technical staff expected, the factory started a few months, because the supporting technology obsolete, the product technology content is too low to make the product into slow-moving. The boss had to invest heavily in the factory before the start of the technical transformation. Entrepreneurs in the early investment, vulnerable to the immediate interests of driving, while ignoring the long-term interests, take short-term action quick, do.

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