Alliance to join the chain to solve the three major contradictions

many novice entrepreneurs in the industry after joining agent into the floor, will soon feel the pressure, in fact, the main pressure comes from the following contradictions: contradiction, stores and dealers in the factory and distributor contradiction, factories and stores, stores and consumers contradiction conflict throughout the development process of the whole industry in the current situation, how to improve and enhance the industry, I think the key is to coordinate the relationship between the parties to achieve a win-win situation.

stores and distribution contradictions: store rent



flooring factory has a number of core dealer relationship exists in shops, factories to floor dealer shop, store more, make more shop products to the store, and the timely receipt of payment. While the floor dealers more consideration is to choose which factory, which products to make money? Now dealers than before, as long as the general got the goods can make money, especially the market since last year, we all understand that real money floor dealers are not many, under this kind of situation is a selection of goods goods it is demanding, so take the goods in the shop floor dealers will become more cautious, this is also a contradiction after all is said and done relatively recessive body.


factories and stores: speed shop

flooring factory with the dealer of the relationship before it seems not so sharp, it is the floor dealers thing, but now some supermarkets in order to make the floor dealers quickly into their stores, they will lay a good routine with the factories, factory floor to let dealers put pressure on the floor dealers do not have to enter, so the dealer situation like "sandwich layer", a squeeze on the pressure, do not shop does not make money, shop is not necessarily money, speed may also be out of factory, so that the day is not very good.

to join flooring and other building materials industry chain of entrepreneurs, can be largely related to the operating conditions of future shop to solve the above three problems, affect sales performance. So entrepreneurs need to consider these issues before investing.

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