Cake shop promotion Bluetooth help

operating cake shop, promotion is the key to help you open the market, open up business opportunities for you to enhance sales! Now the cake shop promotion, promotional methods more, Bluetooth allows you to better, faster and more economical, more effective way to achieve sales promotion! Cake shop promotion, Bluetooth help a lot, let you profit higher!

Daring vanguard

New technologies and new ideas, new breakthroughs in

, "leading wireless market re assembly!

Bluetooth media, as the name suggests, is based on Bluetooth technology based on the effective information transfer to the terminal of mobile phone Bluetooth carrier, relying on China currently powerful mobile phone users, mobile phone media has a variety of forms, now the most innovative, the most striking is the "Bluetooth advertising".

The characteristics of

1, the audience is rich: in China, there are more than three hundred and eighty million mobile phones with Bluetooth function, and the annual growth rate of 30% .

2, accurate arrival rate: Bluetooth advertising interactive marketing and TV stations, newspapers, magazines and other traditional media, more accurate advertising information to consumers, but also be arranged, to refine the different consumers, so that different groups formed in different industries.

3, platform independent: Bluetooth will not be shielded, free from any interference by the telecom operators, each cell phone will become a showcase of your product stage

4, always free: the sender and receiver of Bluetooth information will not produce any cost

5, re marketing: the production of exquisite Bluetooth advertising will be forwarded to the relevant needs of friends and relatives, can play a long-term advertising effectiveness.

6, rich in content: text, video, audio, flash animation, mobile games, JAVA programs, e-books and other

7, word of mouth spread (point to point spread): the number of spread of the impact and the degree of influence is the greatest manifestation of the effectiveness of Bluetooth advertising marketing, Bluetooth interactive marketing at this point reflects the greatest advantage. It is practical, convenient and interactive sharing is unmatched by any other way of advertising

8, the spread of diffusion: compared with other traditional models, Bluetooth advertising interactive marketing in the expansion of the way, can give people a more profound impression, and spread through the spread of sharing and other means.

9, the system can record the daily delivery of   in a timely manner; will form a table for reference, to provide a reference for the next step of marketing strategy adjustment.

reduce your start-up pressure, reduce the resistance of your business, allowing you to better and faster business.

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