Online looking for investment should be cautious to guard against fraud

is now a lot of people are not satisfied with the meager wages, want to get a part-time job to get more benefits, from working for others to their boss. However, this way to join the investment can not be simple, many people did not make money but cheated out of venture capital.

On the morning of

24, who lives in North Queensland District Sha Liang Liu told reporters that he graduated from the University for 3 years, has been in the private sector to work, because wages are not high, apart from the usual entertainment, finally only save less than 20 thousand yuan. See the bride’s age, family environment is not good, so he decided to start their own business to earn rent.

"I wanted to rent a store front room, but that the money is a little nervous, but also did not find what the right position, so I want a brand agent from the Internet to sell, sell things online low cost, I sell cheap, there should be a business, can I get to the premise is right a brand, with proxy price." Mr. Liu said.

tried for a long time can not find the way to Mr. Liu, finally issued information in 58 city and Ganji network platform, seeking Baotou well-known electronic brands agents, want to cooperate with. The message attached to the three day, fourth day, Mr. Liu received a claim to sell the camera in a mall in Hohhot agent telephone. "He said that he surnamed Guo, agent of Canon, SONY and other brands have more than and 10 years, I want to see the entrepreneurial willing to help me, as long as I pay some deposit, the agency will be able to get free camera linked to the Internet to sell someone orders, then he shipped directly from Hohhot, I received give him money is on the line of commission." Mr. Liu said.

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