Join Taobao shop need to pay attention to what

the Internet really make our life has changed a lot, I believe many people have bought something online, online Taobao store a lot, a lot of people have a heart to join the Taobao shop, how he is a novice, do not understand the lack of experience, join the shop need to pay attention to matters what, so Taobao shop this plan was shelved, today Xiaobian to let everyone dream again, look carefully below, you will be harvested.

joined Taobao shop need to pay attention to:

first: establish a positive and healthy attitude

joined Taobao shop is not difficult, but it is by no means so simple, Taobao shop is not open that is successful, perhaps after opening up the operating conditions and imagination there is a big gap, frustration inevitable. So if you are determined to join the Taobao shop, you must establish a positive attitude, to have a common heart, have patience, have the courage to face the difficulties of confidence, avoid quick success, and.

second: familiar with Taobao store operating rules

what, there are certain laws and rules, to join Taobao shop is no exception, want to open the Taobao store, you need to understand the trading rules, Taobao shop trading rules, service rules and so on, see what you can do, what not to do, the only way to become a qualified Taobao seller.

third: determine what kind of product to sell

a lot of people want to rely on to open the Taobao store make a lot of money, but even he wants to sell what products do not know, do not know how to choose. Product positioning and market positioning, market space, the size of the profit has a great relationship. Xiao Bian think, first of all, you have to look at the more familiar, on which industries are cosmetics, electronic products, or clothing; secondly, to see their own hobbies, you may know not to be engaged in the industry, but if you are interested in, it will quickly get started.

fourth: familiar with purchasing channel

There are two ways to join Taobao

shop: 1, early into a small amount of goods, as a branch of the shop, the latter can direct sales shop products, by the headquarters for delivery, this is the so-called credit for this consignment, low; 2, direct shipping, do not purchase, the general requirements the store credit is relatively high, all two-way win-win.

fifth: do shop decoration

shop decoration is to join the Taobao shop need to pay attention to the crucial point, the home page is best to give people a clean and beautiful visual sense, do not need too fancy, there must be a hierarchy. Product introduction should be carefully written, the best recommendation

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