School entrepreneur experience summary away from school to start a business

college students should not start a business? At present, the mainstream views of the community does not recommend students to drop out of business, but with the deregulation of the policy, there will still be a lot of people choose to leave school and start their own business. Next let us listen to the entrepreneurial experience of College entrepreneurs Fu Xiaolong.

back in time to July 1, 2013, you can still clearly remember the counselor after dinner to find my bedroom ablaze with anger, it is a series of questions   "management had not? Have you ever studied finance? What do not understand, why do you start? Do you think the little things you do now can be used to start a business?" I do not know where the courage and confidence, anyway, I blurted out, I must start, I will get the summer investment". That night, I made a decision that could have affected my life.

2014 year, finally there are two investment institutions and we are entering the final stage of negotiations, after repeated discussions, we chose Jiayuan as investors.

Second, entrepreneurship must be far away from the school, most early entrepreneurs can solve some problems through the school’s resources, but when the company entered a rapid development period, excessive dependence on the resources of the school will influence the development speed. This dependence is mainly manifested in the "person", the most prone to the phenomenon of the entrepreneurial team is the team members of college students are all college students, so it can save money, but the problem of college students, one is the working time is not controllable, not really into the two is the lack of practical experience, the unit efficiency than the professional personnel will lead to low, the two together after the company’s growth rate by at least three or four times.

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