Women’s attention to decoration

contemporary female consumption ability is greatly improved, so the consumer into the store will also pay attention to store decoration, so if buddies want to run a clothing store to do business, in the decoration of the problem must be careful. So, how to decorate the women’s clothing store?

Whether the font and size of

and combined with the door window

appearance appearance basically determine your style, and the font selection basically determines your grades, head word color and appearance of color appearance must be good collocation. Strongly recommended that the main color inside and outside the shop is best not to mix with improper, and the main color of the store should not exceed three! Otherwise, it will not be too beautiful! The most important, and you must have a certain type of business style!

checkout settings and the specific location of

fitting room setting and the specific location of

the fitting room color and color collocation is the best advice I can and in store to a conspicuous, fitting room inside the best you can carefully arrange, warm and convenient hanger must be set up, the specific location in the best not to use the dead or not accounted for the display area and near the place the cashier is most suitable.

regardless of the rest of your chairs, or is the atmosphere of several sofa and coffee table, the best fitting room and between the two channel smooth, sight to smooth, and the best point for a small area, and let people rest without discomfort, it is best to put a water dispenser and basic the magazine or the shop album and recent publicity.


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