Join the zero cost might be a trap carefully down the drain

a lot of entrepreneurial projects are under the banner of zero cost to the expiration of venture entrepreneur, after the actual investors waiting to join the project and found that it is a trap, a lot of money cheated, is likely to be dismal, suffered heavy losses.

was almost big pie hit

in the same way and Ms. Xu, reporters through a special release chain business information website and Fengtai District a "infant supplies supermarket" made contact. Through e-mail consulting, investment staff Miss Zhao painting emphasized that "we here do not pay the initial fee, after a good decoration store, we provide the first batch of goods for free. You only need to pay a certain amount of deposit based on the amount of goods, these deposits will be returned in the course of your future purchase." If there is not a certain ideological preparation, to see these words, the reporter will feel is a big pie hit the head.

reporter then call Miss Zhao left the telephone asked: "if you do not receive the initial fee, deposit and return in the future, your profits come from?" Miss Zhao’s reply is: we are a new company, is to promote the brand, so the profit margin is very large. In the future you from us into the goods more, we can get a rebate from the manufacturer." Reporters asked to go to the company, after listening to the reporter Beijing accent, Miss Zhao to be in charge of business on the grounds to be rejected.

Most investors do not know the "

two stores a year" standard

Reporters from the Chinese

to regulatory role as well as the "franchisor filing system of franchising fraud play". "Regulations" stipulates that the franchisor shall, within 15 days from the date of the first contract, to the competent authorities for the record. The Department in charge of Commerce shall publish the list of the franchiser listed on the government website and update it in time. Overdue filing of a maximum fine of 100 thousand yuan.

but in the franchise market, dragons and fishes jumbled together situation continues, small and medium investors ordinary little is known about the "Regulations" in the "two stores a year" and the provisions of the record. Without careful investigation, to put money into it, finally lost the great possibility.

three means lured investors launched

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