Human resources and social department cancel the series of professional qualifications to reduce the

in order to decentralization, to guide entrepreneurs into all walks of life innovation, the Department issued a notice to cancel a series of occupation qualification, to remove unnecessary barriers to entrepreneurship and innovation.

issued the original labor security department in 2000 of the "employing skilled workers" (the Ministry of labor and social security provisions of Decree No. sixth, hereinafter referred to as No. 6) regulations 90 to occupation qualification certificate of employment occupation. With the deepening of the reform of the administrative system and the transformation of government functions, the provisions of the State Council does not meet the requirements of the relevant provisions of the administrative examination and approval and clean-up of professional qualifications.

country according to the market changes and the needs of the community to actively promote the occupation reform, stimulate market supervision and elimination mechanism, so as to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation and construction. Resolutely strict standards, procedures, will be illegal, non-compliance, unreasonable qualifications to shut out.

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