Zhengzhou City the selection of one hundred selected models received a prize of 5000 yuan

The role of

model is endless, not only to the spirit of the latter’s inspiration, in the practical experience can also be used to learn from more examples later. You create a guest in Zhengzhou who pay attention to, Zhengzhou will be named one hundred models, who can receive 5000 yuan prize.

it is reported that the outstanding entrepreneurial project requirements of small investment, small risk. The unemployed, self occupation veterans, urban self employment of demobilized cadres, within two years of graduating high school students and college graduates to serve the grassroots, the migrant workers and other eight categories of personnel of individual industrial and commercial households or small and medium enterprises are eligible to participate.

registration Tel: 0371-86056588, 86033699; registration address: Business Incubator Park No. 299 Zhengzhou Road, Songshan.

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