The expert group of cherry advertising across the sea and flower Hyun chaos

Wuhan University every year the Cherry Blossom Festival people are particularly good and pleasing to the eye, people watch is very much. But recently,   expert group of cherry advertising, let’s take a look at the specific reason!


— from "Wuhan, false advertising world cherry town" said recently, I live in the city, is to create a "new city" the central city of Wuhan, there was a big news – the city an Internet Financial Services Company advertised in neighboring on the streets of the capital Tokyo: "Tokyo I see the world? Wuhan, Sakura Sakura Township, welcome to Wuhan awards!" see this message, I was ashamed to be struck dumb,! The ad itself mistakes and serious false ridiculous, but also for its extremely inappropriate way to Wuhan city and Wuhan University for lying gun "ashamed and deep displeasure.

and today we usually talk and watch the cherry blossoms, actually refers to the modern "Cherry cultivation", has a great difference with the wild cherry. Study on molecular biology technology that based on the current most of cultivated cherry varieties, breeding the core "Sakura island" is unique to Japan, in Chinese did not even wild distribution, therefore, the cultivation of modern ornamental cherry "is actually originated in Japan, this is obviously a basic fact, able to withstand heavy battering.

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