Business model the main business with the sideline

a lot of people after the business idea, do not hesitate to quit his work before, although there is a little drastic determination, but the security is too less, in fact, the best business model, should be the main sideline business together, so rich will be more secure!

she relies on scientific management, so that their family assets like a snowball snowball. What business flourishes? Speaking of family finance, Li Xin started from a dozen. Then she and her husband are thrifty, had married the first savings, when most people are rich in banks, and she put into savings to buy Treasury bonds.

The results of

"I do part-time is a website, mainly engaged in daily necessities, at the same time and a friend opened a company. Although the income can not say a lot, but 9 times more than my salary." Cao said in Shanghai, usually more spare time, I get some part-time income, through the company also made a lot of friends".

with real examples to show you the benefits of such business model. If you now have a stable job, but also want to create a career, then you can consider this model to see if it can help you live a better life!

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