Fashionable good project online Entrepreneurship

with the gradual popularization of the network, the network began into people’s life, while Taobao, Jingdong mall network platform operation success, let the people see the charm of the network, the online business became popular business. Below, small series and share with you a few online venture success stories.

Entrepreneurs: Kylie, wain


kylie and Wain are a couple of College students. Last summer, never experienced online shopping Kylie was attracted to try to buy Taobao Taobao two mobile phone sets.

that chance experience into Kylie and Wain in the Taobao store opportunity, because there is no any cost burden, relatively easy to make a decision, after a month of preparation, two store "Kylie and Wain exquisite life Museum * love".

"the day I suddenly realized that we have taken the first step in the Taobao dream! As a shop owner, to some extent, we can be called is a businessman, it has always been our dream." Kylie recalls.

kylie and Wain is a pair of lucky, second days after the shop, we have the first business. Shop to fourth months, we found that more suitable for the main project, because there is a good source of goods." Kylie told the author, to now Kylie and Wain shop has been open for nearly 9 months, through unremitting efforts, they finally became a diamond seller.

kylie and Wain said that as a college student, learning is the most important, but it will not give up serious business in Taobao’s shop. "We shop on Taobao is the starting point of the dream, we will not forget the" Taobao "?? where the dream started!"

two entrepreneurs: the Atlantic giant salamander (salamander)

online shop promising

salamander is friend introduced to Taobao, then just 3110 new year money selling Lenovo printer, try the money in the past. On the third day he received a phone call to confirm the address. Within a week of things to come, have the invoice, and that Taobao experience also let wawayu produced a huge interest in e-commerce


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