Gansu the development of resources to guide the poor poverty reduction

for people in poor areas, the most important significance of entrepreneurship is to get rid of poverty. According to local conditions, a poor village in Gansu to take advantage of local resources to carry out entrepreneurial work in 3 years to achieve the per capita income more than doubled the initiative.

3 years ago, reporters visit to Dongxiang County of Gansu province Blenheim ditch, a 68, Dongxiang word for "edge" of the village, the annual per capita net income of only 1600 yuan. Recent visit found that the population is more than 9 times the critical line of the carrying capacity of the village, such as this year’s per capita net income of nearly $4000, to achieve overall poverty.

and almost simultaneously, the former village cliff dusty dirt road, now expanded into the cement road, and scattered in the remote mountain area where people have concentrated resettlement, bid farewell to the masses go hard, hard water, power dilemma. Change the appearance of the village, attracting more traders to the mountain corner buying cattle.

like Blenheim village, Gansu Province in poverty alleviation precise diagnosis of cause of poverty, difficulties, accelerate crack water is difficult, with power difficult, difficult problems such as housing, 15 million 670 thousand people drinking water safety is solved, more than 80% administrative villages in 87.52% village road hardening, through dynamic force power. A group of poor villages because of the improvement of the living environment and the "pull the roots of poverty, the masses of industrial development in reducing the cost, increasing opportunities.

two changes: the circulation of local resources wake sleeping village.

"80" Zhang Xiaojun, his hometown in Weiyuan Weihe County village, less than 150 kilometers from the Gansu provincial capital of Lanzhou city. Although the high mountains, Lin Shen, crystal clear water, is rare in seductive, but because of the road through the village is a simple road bed repair, hidden in purdah did not know, should not swim, nor should the industry "".


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