Emerging foreign investment trust industry unrest Suzhou trust no longer foreign shareholders

trust plays an important role in our life, is a good choice for many people who need money, but with the change of the times the industry is also increasing the difficulty! Securities Times · trust hundred people exchange reporter was informed that the Royal Bank of Scotland has held 19.99% stake in Suzhou trust transferred to the Bank of Suzhou. So far, the Suzhou trust no longer have the background of foreign shareholders, while the trust has a background of foreign companies also reduced to 8. Over the years, the trust industry to set off a wave of foreign equity participation is turning into a wave of withdrawal, causing concern to the industry.

20% equity valuation of 660 million

Suzhou trust formerly known as the Suzhou trust and investment company, in April 1991 approved the establishment of re registration in 2002.

2008 in May 20th, the introduction of the Suzhou Legend Holdings and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) for its strategic investors. The company is currently registered capital of 1 billion 200 million yuan, after the Suzhou international development group, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Legend Holdings were holding at $70.01%, respectively, and 10%.

according to the Bank of Suzhou recently disclosed prospectus, in April 19th this year, the Royal Bank of Scotland and Bank of Suzhou signed an equity transfer agreement, the price of 659 million 670 thousand yuan.

digital industry insiders said, the Bank of Suzhou to 660 million yuan price of nearly $20% stake in Suzhou trust, is really a bargain."

has always been low-key style Suzhou trust. As of the end of 2015, the total assets of Suzhou trust merger of 4 billion 296 million yuan, in 2015 operating income of $956 million, net profit of $530 million.

foreign shareholders have evacuated another foreign shareholders to run, which is the first reaction of the majority of people in the industry to hear the Suzhou bank equity changes, foreign shareholders have become a trend in recent years, the industry has become a trend.

trust hundred people exchange reporter combing found that as of the end of 2014, there are 11 foreign shareholders of the shares of the trust company. By the end of 2015, the situation has changed significantly, foreign companies to participate in the trust shares fell to 9. And now, with the background of foreign trust companies only 8.

according to the reporter, the foreign shareholders mainly through two ways to "fade out" domestic trust industry: one is in a new round of capital flows, choose to give up capital, shares suffered dilution; the second is the reduction initiative, even close all exit.

for example, the Beijing trust and the Xinhua trust

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