Example analysis after 90 exactly how entrepreneurship

with the passage of time, now 90 night slowly up to now on the market a day, among them there are a lot of people to start to struggle, look at these 90 what is thought to go into business.

in the app store (App Store), a "mammoth" (Mammoth) browser, now has been updated to the fourth generation, iPhone is on the personal development of the browser downloads the largest product. Internationally renowned evaluation site App Advice evaluation, mammoth 4 redefines the standard browser; another evaluation site Techrice is recommended that Apple should be preloaded on the iPhone browser.

a crazy "programmer"

rimless glasses, T-shirt, jeans, sneakers…… In front of Ji Yichao, is a typical image of the students. He will be a little shy with strangers. But this is the student, and has been programming for 10 years to deal with, can be regarded as a "ashes" programmer.

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