Small shops should also clever use of the anniversary

now has a lot of small shops, quietly opened the door, no matter how long the shop, so as not to have any activities, there will be no promotion, is exactly a waiting for customers to come home posture. In the current store business competition so intense, so how to ensure that the shop business is booming? So, even if it is a small shop, you might also clever use of the anniversary, I believe the shop management has a great help.

anniversary activities can enhance the popularity and promoting the sale of goods, but many shopkeepers thought it had nothing to do with them, think it is just a special feast big supermarket. In fact, if we store can engage in an anniversary activities according to local conditions, according to their actual situation, the effect is very good.

I run a small supermarket, the anniversary in mid April every year, because this time node is just when the rotation of the winter and summer goods. Every year on this day, I will be in winter and summer goods commodity focus on display, hang "anniversary Thanksgiving feedback" banner, to create a warm atmosphere, in order to attract a large number of consumers.

at the same time, when the anniversary, I also carry out the "buy 100 get 100" activities, namely consumer goods 100 yuan each to buy, I send 100 yuan coupon. It is an anniversary activities, strengthening the management foundation year.


activities in the anniversary time, send some concessions to customers, not only to be able to attract more customers, so that the business of the shop is more popular, and more can enhance the store’s reputation, let the store will attract more customers, the shop business is no harm. So, if you run a shop, but need to make good use of the anniversary.

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