Brand home textile product customization has become a major trend

  consumers like to buy a unique commodity, so as to show their distinctive and unique taste, home products are no exception.

is not only the bedding towels enterprises, enterprises have started the custom service. In this year’s autumn and winter home textile exhibition, Hebei ever bright towel had focused on the promotion of gift towels, custom custom, the concept, and attracted many customers. Anthony cultural gifts series, the clever fusion become an independent school, classical and modern, given a towel products appreciation and collection functions, and can be customized according to customer specific needs, very suitable for personal gifts, enterprises and institutions as welfare payment. The Yongliang Tmall flagship store, the reporter saw a variety of custom the towel towel "column can accept embroidery, embroidered patterns and other custom content. As for the price, according to Yong Liang textile staff, the cost of customization will be determined according to the number, if the number is less, you need to pay a certain amount of embroidery fees and royalties.

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