Fujian earthquake on both sides of the Taiwan Strait earthquake was felt

every time I hear news of the two words of the earthquake, I think many of my friends are like small, psychological sense of "click". In the face of natural disasters, human beings are sometimes very helpless, then, Taiwan, the specific details of the earthquake situation is like?

4, 27, 2009, the evening of three, Taiwan County, Hualian earthquake occurred near the earthquake, Fuzhou, Xiamen and other coastal cities felt felt Fujian.

According to

Chinese seismic network officially measured, 27, 23:17 in Taiwan County of Hualian area (24.22 degrees north latitude and 121.71 degrees east longitude) 5.6 earthquake occurred, focal depth of 8 km; only 10 minutes later, the 27 day at 23:27 in Taiwan waters in Hualian county (24.26 degrees north latitude and 121.83 degrees east longitude) 4.9 earthquake occurred, focal the depth of 7 km; 28, 02 19 in Taiwan Hualian county (23.26 degrees north latitude and 121.30 degrees east longitude) 5.2 earthquake occurred, focal depth of 8 km.

, as the distance from the nearest line in Taiwan Province, Fujian City, Xiamen City, the coastal areas of Fuzhou, Pingtan comprehensive experimentation area has felt felt, especially in Taiwan County of Hualian area 27, 23:17 5.6 earthquake was the strongest.

in less than 5 minutes after the earthquake, there are more than a few friends in Fujian Sina micro-blog message, one of the Fuzhou netizen message said, "fish tank water and chandeliers will move."

living in Gulou District of Fuzhou City, Chen He told the China News Agency reporter, because living in the 11 floor, you can feel the slight shaking of the building under the three or four.

a lot of people in Pingtan also said the message was felt obvious. Miss Weng Weng said, I think it is in the jitter, landing network was confirmed to be really an earthquake".

in life, in the face of natural disasters, earthquakes, we are afraid to hear people homeless, innocent people were buried. First of all, we must learn some skills to escape and survive, to cherish their lives, from the beginning of prevention!

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