China’s top ten brands of solid bed

series of bedding market products is extremely rich, the solid wood bed has a very high market share, by numerous consumers. The so-called solid wood bed, the main components of the bed decoration parts, accessories, the rest of the use of wood, wood-based panels and other wood materials made of bed. Here, Xiao Bian to introduce China’s ten major brands of solid wood bed, so that everyone has a more comprehensive understanding of China’s solid wood bed market.

The selection of

consumers can see the bed in the corresponding position of the pattern and to see whether the corresponding scar knot, a pattern of the bed body outside, look at the back of the corresponding position if there is a corresponding pattern, if the corresponding well is pure solid wood; and then look at the lateral side of the bed body scar node location, then on the other side to find whether there is a corresponding pattern; finally, to see whether there is wood color, wood surface is generally true color.

China wood bed ten brand list: NO.1 (Federal LANDBOND in 1984, the famous trademark of Guangdong Province, deputy director of the association of furniture units, ten living furniture brand, original furniture design brand, Guangdong Federal furniture group)

China’s solid wood bed ten brands list NO.2: Huafeng furniture (founded in 1951, Liaoning province famous brand, Liaoning famous brand products, large modern furniture manufacturing enterprises, Huafeng Furniture Group Co., Ltd.)

China wood bed ten brand list: NO.3 bright furniture (in 1985, ten major brands of solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture original Oriental New Chinese furniture manufacturing enterprises set of suppliers, industry / Commerce / industry / glue coating industry as one of the


China wood bed ten brand list: NO.4 double Home Furnishing (started in 1995, Heilongjiang famous trademark, focusing on domestic design / production of solid wood furniture, modern large-scale enterprises, Qitaihe city furniture Futaba Industrial Co. Ltd.)

China wood bed ten brand list: NO.5 HUARI (Home Furnishing Huari furniture ten brand, famous brand in Hebei Province, scientific research and development / design / production / sales of large furniture enterprise group, Langfang Huari furniture Limited by Share Ltd)

Chinese wood bed ten brands list NO.6: Nanyang Hu HOO’S (founded in 1993, specializing in high-end solid wood furniture R & D and manufacturing, global health Home Furnishing resource integration, Tianjin HOOS Furniture Co. Ltd.)

China’s solid wood bed ten brands list NO.7: Qu home QM (beginning in 1993, Beijing famous trademark, wood furniture industry well-known brands)

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