Chengdu is now the top canopy dead baby left where humanity at midnight

recently have friends broke the news, a district of Chengdu bicycle canopy top discovered dead baby, suspected midnight was thrown at high altitude. Subsequently, the police have found the baby mother after the alarm, the details are still under investigation.

24 evening, reporters from the Sichuan Mianyang Jiangyou City Public Security Bureau was informed that the afternoon of 23 friends in the middle of Huayuan Road Jiangyou City, a small bicycle found dead baby canopy top case, at present, damn baby mother has been found, the police are investigating the cause of death.

23 PM, the netizen says, in Jiangyou Huayuan Road middle area bicycle canopy roof, found a dead baby. Alarm, the police immediately launched an investigation. According to the latest news Jiangyou police, after more than 9 hours to visit, investigate, more than 23 on the evening of 10 points, baby mother has been found.

24 PM, reporters at the Jiangyou police official informed that micro-blog saw the abandoned death after the incident, Jiangyou City Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to, immediately organized elite police to carry out investigation work, the mother has been found, is to accept the inquiry and investigation. Extraction of biological samples of dead infants are in accordance with the procedures for the identification of Sichuan Huaxi forensic center. Currently, the whole incident is still under investigation, the police will find out the cause of the dead and the incident as soon as possible.

24 at 7 pm, the reporter from the Jiangyou public security official micro-blog released the third briefing to see: Jiangyou City Public Security Bureau police station north of the city and police brigade has formed an investigation group, at present, the relevant investigation is underway.

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