Ali fourth assets of HK 2 billion 400 million in Hong Kong Stock Exchange gem asset purchase lotter

large enterprises such as Alibaba, naturally think about how the cake bigger and bigger, there is always a time to relax vigilance competition. Recently, Alibaba are eyeing fourth assets – to spend HK $2 billion 400 million in Hong Kong stocks gem lottery assets.

Following the acquisition of film and television (


AGTech said in a statement on March 4, 2016, the same origin of Baba and ant holding gold dress holding 60% and 40% respectively. The indirect company (hereinafter referred to as the subscriber or ALI) signed a subscription agreement, under the agreement, the subscriber will AGTech to invest 2 billion 388 million Hong Kong dollars, an all cash transaction.

immediately after the completion of the transaction, assuming the convertible bonds to the initial conversion price of HK $0.3478 fully convertible, the subscriber will have AGTech 6866317966 shares, which accounted for the total issued share capital of 146.59% and by the allotment and issue of shares and convertible shares enlarged issued share capital of about 59.45%.

discount of

subscribers of the subscription subscription price per share of HK $0.3478, less than AGTech on Friday’s closing price of HK $1.99 in 20%. AGTech technology above Friday’s closing price worth about HK $10 billion, the issuance of shares to the purchaser and the convertible bonds will be expected to expand to 1.5 times the market value will be 1, to HK $20 billion to HK $25 billion.


The total subscription amount of

AGTech through recommendation

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