Cultural and Creative ndustrial Park the hometown of Chinese lanterns Sichuan

said that the small lights can not help but think of the colorful scenery, colorful world, full of lights flashing, full of beauty. At present, in order to further play the characteristics of the region, Sichuan began to build the hometown of Chinese lanterns, and set up cultural and creative industrial park. The following and Xiaobian together with a specific understanding.

high starting point planning. The project is positioned as the lantern industry "production, learning and research" as the core, supplemented by the integration of the development of agriculture, rural tourism with the most geographical and cultural characteristics of the cultural and Creative Industrial Park, a total investment of 330 million yuan, covers an area of about 1200 acres.

accelerate project approval. Currently, the project has been approved by the municipal government land adjustment plan, the project has completed the first phase of the transfer of 860 acres of land measurement work, is stepping up the preparation of the project feasibility study, the EIA report, the cumulative investment of nearly 10 million yuan.

accelerate the construction of supporting. Ecological planting area of the project, Chinese Art Park completed investment of more than 280 yuan. To speed up the construction of production base for producing grass carving, fine grass carving completed more than 40 groups, to National Day this year held the "lantern" township of the first grass Sculpture Festival, land shaping, flower cultivation, tourism toilets and other facilities are under construction equipment.

in the process of economic development, to seize the local characteristics of the culture, the positive development of regional culture, but also to promote local economic development. Cultural and Creative Industrial Park in China to build the town of colored lanterns in Sichuan, the main introduction of three measures, including: a high starting point for the preparation of planning, speed up project approval, accelerate the construction of supporting. I hope that in the near future, we can show a more charming color of the rural style.

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