Four difficulties restricting the expansion of college students entrepreneurial team

management activities in the country to promote the fiery, will greatly increase the number of college students to participate in this year. However, in reality, compared with the overall number of graduates, the choice of entrepreneurship is not much, not to mention the direct suspension of entrepreneurship. Four difficulties restrict the expansion of college students entrepreneurial team.

"innovation" and "entrepreneurship" is undoubtedly the 2015 annual hot words. Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report referred to two times the public entrepreneurship, innovation, during the two sessions of college students is also a hot topic on behalf of members. In the face of constantly refresh the number of jobs, the Ministry of education, the Education Commission and the continued release of positive business college. However, in reality, entrepreneurship is still the choice of a small number of college students, the school is also starting to face multiple barriers: family opposition, follow-up security is not clear, college credit system, financing difficulties. In the face of reality, many students give up the suspension of entrepreneurship, switch to entrepreneurial enterprises, and the company has been hatched out of hope to grow together.



worry not normal suspension after graduation

Director of Beijing Language and Culture University admissions office


can not explain the failure to worry aboutMany students think that

, and academic entrepreneurship is not contradictory. In their view, entrepreneurship is the emphasis on opportunity and resource oriented, and blind because of entrepreneurship, it is not rational. If you fail in the end, you may not only lose the valuable time of reading, but also can’t give your family and yourself an explanation.

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