Beijing CQ returned a batch of certified snoring artifact

stop snoring artifact can bring more protection to people, to win people’s recognition, in the minds of consumers, it is a magic weapon to sleep. However, import products need to be tested by China Customs department. Beijing CIQ according to the relevant provisions of the above-mentioned goods issued by the "inspection and Quarantine Treatment Notice", and supervise the returned treatment, this is the February 1, 2015 ventilator products included in the statutory inspection since Beijing port for the first time that related products without obtaining medical device registration certificate.

batch of snoring machine for a total of 5 units, the National Prosecutors through the on-site inspection found that the goods are not in accordance with the requirements of the Chinese label affixed, and no Chinese instructions. The consignee also fails to provide a medical device registration certificate to the consignee. By understanding, the goods for this type of medical device products in Beijing port for the first time, before the State Food and Drug Administration registration.

"Regulations on the supervision and administration of medical devices" forty-second provides that the import of medical devices must obtain the State Food and Drug Administration issued a medical device registration certificate or record before they can be sold, use.

registration certificate or record material on behalf of China’s medical device products in the design, production, marketing and other aspects of recognition, to ensure their safety and effectiveness. The entry exit inspection and quarantine organ shall, according to law, carry out inspection on imported medical instruments and ensure that it meets the mandatory requirements of laws and regulations. In view of this, the Haidian Bureau of the goods were shipped back processing.

marked with national certification of medical products, consumers can bring a guarantee for the safety of life and health. Beijing State Bureau to remind consumers, in the purchase of home appliance products, pay attention to the product label on the medical device registration certificate no.. If necessary, it can check the authenticity of the registration certificate on the Internet in real time, to ensure that it is valid. If found suspicious products, please notify the relevant regulatory authorities.

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