Nanchang Yudai River Sewage nterception Project people dissatisfied with the whole

Nanchang Yudai River, Nanchang has been the people’s memory, there is a unique memory for many older people in Nanchang. Now Nanchang, Hebei branch of serious pollution. Nanchang City, the relevant departments of the pollution effect of the beautiful description. However, now the project near the end, jade Hebei branch interception effect to the surrounding residents to accept, in addition to smell or smell, a little water has not introduced."

11, who lives near the Magi Lake Park Mr. Xiong, the Nanchang development and Reform Commission official website to see a report on the "Nanchang jade river across the landscape upgrade approved the project feasibility study report", that Nanchang Yudai River sewage interception project basically completed, is after the garden landscape construction. It is understood that the current landscape department is bidding.

however, Mr. Xiong told reporters, in 2014 the Yudai River sewage interception project started, they live in the vicinity of the residents of this project is of expectations. Since the start of sewage interception, we will suffer a variety of inconvenience caused by construction…… However, I did not expect to finish soon, still so smelly, a little water did not see the introduction of." Jade Hebei branch near the park residents Ms. Zhou said, jade Hebei branch from the lake to Yongwai Street Kings Road, although after the interception, but is still dirty, smelly, they can not accept this result.

The river was dark green and black

after receiving complaints, reporters came to the scene the jade Hebei sewage interception project, see from the lake to Yongwai Street Kings Road Yudai River has been Weidang, some damage from the enclosure at the river was dark green, visible. In particular, close to the outer part of the street, the reporter standing on the bank will be able to smell the smell of water out of the water, and the river into a dark black, floating on a lot of foam and garbage.

also had cited living water to purify the Yudai River Lake is a closed gate of the magi. The gate was originally connected with the Yudai River, to the interception of Yudai River after the introduction of living water, let the Magi Lake become more clean and beautiful, but now, Yudai River water is so dirty, impossible to open the gate drain." The Magi Lake Park, a staff member told reporters that this section of the river at present did not see a bit of water, all black smelly river, especially digging ashore silt, without any walls, all piled up on the shore, a rain all into the Yudai River, a fine sporadic disgusting smell.

The governance process

Yudai River ended, but had little effect, let nearby residents dissatisfied. The transformation of the owners of units in Nanchang Yudai River water investment and construction of water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Bureau eighth units Chinese Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "eight hydropower Bureau") the relevant project manager, all to our commitment: Aiming at the existing problems, they will come up with solutions.

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