Lanzhou a teacher with a sick old father class

a love and dedication of good teachers will win people’s respect, but also by the people’s love, in Gansu there is such a teacher with their own actions to tell the students what is filial piety. Taibai town of Gansu Lanzhou County Water nine year school physics teacher Chen Lanjia is for students in class, physics courses he taught first in Heshui county.

after a burst of bell ringing, students and teachers in turn to line up to rescue a seriously ill student donations, grade two class teacher Chen Lanjia with a smile toward the donation box.


is not tall, smile on my face." Chen Lanjia in front of it is difficult to relate to the family burden. In a conversation with reporters, he was slightly restrained but always smiling.

2006 in August, Chen Lanjia taught in Taibai junior high school, began his teaching career. After his mother died in 2015, Chen Lanjia’s wife, sick father because of sudden cerebral infarction in diabetes for many years, life can not take care of themselves.

will be taken care of his father from the cave home." Chen Lanjia made up his mind to talk to the headmaster, He Wenjie. In August 2016, He Wenjie Chen Lanjia was informed that the "wish", he felt that "with the father to teach" the idea is very realistic, he said to Chen Lanjia, "it would not be distracted, but also do a good job, the elderly sick when the children need to take care of." Disturbed by the Chen Lanjia worry Dayton dissipation.

will win honour the teacher and respect his teaching recognized by the people of Gansu, Lanzhou teachers use their actions well to give the students a lesson, let people admire. Every day to his father to play rice, rice, shampoo, wash feet." Chen Lanjia "father teaches" move education students, the school moral education, and become the fresh material.

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