How to use the money to open a restaurant at least the whole

food and beverage industry has been a very popular industry, many people will consider the industry in the business time, entrepreneurship is not easy, to need to consider a lot of things, today Xiaobian tell you the nine strategy of opening a restaurant at the lowest cost, may have many shortcomings, I hope you don’t mind.

rental section

Strategy 1: peak

travel to stagger the peak, the rent to stagger high priced area. Site decision more than half of the passenger flow, so blindly seeking cheap is not a good way.

barberry church founder Zhang Tianyi shared his attempt: he put the store opened in the non dense downtown pavement white-collar rental, thus greatly decreased. Through the establishment of online communities, the line to take spicy eating contest, wrist wrist contest and other means to carry out effective diversion.

strategy 2: parasitic


alone is difficult to support, as for the time being parasitic. I have heard of a case of shrimp BB: new boss pony brother, Leng is his own crayfish Museum opened a noodle shop, the day noodle shop opened in the evening shrimp shop.

this play, so that it saves the site and decoration time, but also reduces the cost of rent, but also enjoy the original face of the passenger flow radiation. This seemingly stingy move, did not affect their image, which has received venture capital favored second stores opening soon.

strategy 3: home

didn’t have the money to come, then take the initiative to come. Take out is not a new business, but with the rise of the takeaway platform and the popularity of third party delivery, takeaway business threshold is reduced. In Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places, there are a lot of young people to have private kitchen chowhound form takeaway, won the recognition of consumers.

In fact,

, now a well-known "empire called a duck", the first half of the business does not store, until get venture to open a small entity.

decoration articles

strategy 1: quota method

stores can sublet, employees can be dismissed, only the decoration is a complete sunk cost. And decoration is a bottomless pit, not perfect, only holes.

a hundred flat store, put into 200 universal use, put into the fight can also live in 200 thousand, in fact, invested $20 thousand can also be fixed. The decoration limit, but can quickly let you enter the state in this regard is bursting with inspiration, recommended to see Qiao "good life doesn’t have to recommend

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