How to do the work circle analysis opened a jewelry store

jewelry stores all over the market, for the public favorite. Investment in such shops, how to do a good job site? In fact, the location of the work contains a lot of content, the first step is the need to join the business circle analysis. Many novice on this issue is not familiar with nature, it requires a lot of learning, come and see.

the reasons to join a successful jewelry store has three aspects: first is the place; second is the third place or places. Therefore, before the establishment of the store must be selected for the analysis of the business district. Its content is:

l, features: including the total population and density, age distribution, the average level of education, the proportion of housing ownership, total disposable income, occupation distribution, etc..

2, labor security: including the management level and wages: management training personnel qualifications, salary levels; general staff education and wages;

3, source of supply: transportation costs, transportation and delivery time, number of manufacturers wholesalers, availability and reliability.

4, promotion: media availability and communication frequency; cost.

5, economic conditions: including leading industries; diversification; project growth; financial services.

6, competitive landscape, including the number and size of existing competitors, the strengths and weaknesses of all competitors, the long term and short term changes in competition.

7, the availability of the jewelry store location: including the type and number of location: the convenience of transportation; self built and rental shops opportunity size; regional planning restrictions; cost.

8, regulations: tax, license and business restrictions; minimum wage; planning constraints.

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