Spectators can also become the customer Business

shops operating in the process, we can always encounter some customers to shop around, from time to time to ask the price, but there is no a willingness to buy, this is what we usually say. A special customer came in the store the other day. No matter how I greet warmly, she always does not respond to be neither hot nor cold. But did not leave, just in the shop to see the row to see the row.

my husband a little impatient, may feel that this is just an ordinary spectators, nothing to stroll. At the beginning of the customer also asked a question in the west, but did not purchase intention, more sure that we guess. Because I have a customer checkout at the cashier’s desk, the husband by the customer to see, nor how to answer her.

boss, how much is this quilt?" The customer finally spoke. "Price tag on the price, you see it." I did not wait to go, the husband threw out the sentence. "Didn’t you see? Where is it?" I called my husband came to the cashier, he walked toward the back of the bedding area.

"elder sister, is going to look at 2 meters or 1.8 meters?" "How much is 2 metres?" "88 yuan, pure cotton." "Oh, let me see it again." Sister put down bedding, and came to the front of the electric fan.

"how to sell this fan ah?" To see which brand, how much, each brand is not the same price." Even if the elder sister is just a spectator, I did not have a trace of impatience, but several brands of electric fans are introduced to her one by one.

is perhaps the service attitude touched sister, sister bought a desk. This business tells the author a truth: treat every customer we should be enthusiastic. Even if he is even a spectator. Because even if the spectators do not buy things, but he can give you the store has brought a certain degree of popularity, the prosperity of your scene.

there is a point, and now many of the owners are easily ignored in impatient, always feel that the customer does not want to buy things. However, even if he is just a spectator, can not guarantee that he will not take care of your business next time. Maybe our warm attitude touched the spectators, let him become our real customers.

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