Why become a convenience store 24 hours of operations net

relative to large supermarkets, convenience stores are indeed kind enough, may not have what promotional activities, but is convenient, in the fast pace of the life, the convenience store begins to attract more and more consumers. Because of this, when people want to buy a bottle of water to quench their thirst, most will go into the convenience store to buy. Compared to large shopping malls, daily life, small and beautiful convenience stores have more distance, time, goods, services and many other advantages, but also more and more popular.

Such as:

away from shopping malls, residential areas, shopping malls need to drive to shoppers to purchase, shopping area, variety, the consumption of shoppers a lot of time and energy, but also to endure "long queues" wait in the checkout.

More than

, so that those who want to buy a small amount of goods, or want to meet the immediate needs of shoppers inconvenience, the need to meet the needs of buyers to buy a small supermarket to fill the gaps in the market.

1927, Southern Co, Texas, the first convenience store prototype. 1946 the world’s first real sense of convenience stores, business hours from 7 in the morning to the evening of 11, since the birth of the name 7-ELEVEN.

70 convenience store model in the late 1990s landing in Taiwan, China, followed by rapid development. China’s mainland market started late, only in 1995 in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other developed areas of the emergence of a number of foreign background convenience stores, such as 7-ELEVEN, Rosen, etc..

is different from other retail formats, convenience stores sell more time". In the eyes of consumers, convenience stores often means convenient location, extended business hours, one-stop shopping, a dazzling array of goods and a quick checkout.

with the development of the industry, and now almost all the convenience stores are operating 24 hours a day. In the face of rent and all-weather business electricity, labor costs and other expenses, convenience stores 24 hours a day why the industry has become the norm?

under the same cost, 24 hours business model profitable

convenience store location will generally be larger in the flow of business or residential areas, so that the local rent is relatively high. How to achieve the maximum value under the same cost, is the main problem facing convenience store businesses.

1), rent value maximization

rent not day and night for the store, small convenience stores, electricity cost increase is not obvious, and the food storage refrigerator freezer also needs 24 hours of electricity all day long, to ensure the freshness of food. Therefore, extension >

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