North District Finance Bureau actively participate in anti corruption education activities warning

in order to further promote the construction of anti-corruption and clean government work carried out, three Xining County Finance Bureau jointly held the four district of Xining City financial system second "Golden Finance guards diligence song" the Culture Week activities in the town square, in charge of Financial District vice mayor Jiang collar I was invited to attend the World Alliance guide the culture week opening ceremony. The Culture Week activities to reflect the theme of the premise, form and content rich and colorful, throughout the body to the correct guidance of public opinion and figuring people with noble spirit, give full play to extensive penetration of clean culture, the theory of persuasion and strong appeal, the city’s financial education system of cadres and workers to firmly establish the cultivation of honesty, integrity of the law, diligence and integrity, loyalty, ideas, promote the construction of financial system of clean government and anti-corruption struggle. Pictured: Women’s prison in Qinghai province to visit, saying the scene


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