Reduce accidents occurred in Xining recreational facilities failure emergency drills

4 tourists are sitting on the roller coaster up slowly along the track, suddenly, the roller coaster stopped. Someone exclaimed, "what’s going on, why don’t you move?"" June 30th, Xining people’s Park recreational facilities emergency rescue drill at 15 p.m..

According to the staff,

, said: the fault is a roller coaster ride to the machine to send the chain 15 meters to the accident when the power outage at 20 meters, visitors can not open their own safety valve, trapped in the car. For the safety of tourists, operators to enable emergency plans, with the standby power to open the safety valve, the tourists successfully rescued to the ground."

Xining Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision staff at the end of the exercise, proposed rectification requirements and pointed out that the use of units of the Xining City People’s park recreation facilities: "safety drill is the special equipment to do, want to use equipment units to refine and improve the emergency plan, clear organization and reporting procedures, regularly carry out self drilling. To minimize accidents, emergency rescue work carried out."


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