Xining environmental protection 110 noise pollution treatment in the first half of the admissibility

One night

in late May, the Xining municipal environmental protection 110 received a phone call, the other said, near the East District of Zhou Jia Quan, Huangnan construction site day and night by a construction company, seriously affect the life of nearby residents. In the evening, environmental law enforcement officers sealed off the excavator, and make relevant decisions.

it is understood that, from January to June, the Xining municipal environmental protection received a total of 110, and all types of reported 564 cases, of which 424 noise pollution, air pollution accounted for 75%, 98, 36 restaurants smoke pollution, 5 water pollution, waste pollution 1. Why is noise pollution serious? Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of the person in charge, from the beginning of April, as the weather gets warmer, the construction site have been started, and the residents of the decoration of the house is more, so the night construction noise pollution complaints accounted for a large proportion.


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