72 classes from Xining new bus station starting

January 22nd, with the official opening of the Xining automobile passenger transport center (hereinafter referred to as the new bus station), the province’s major long-distance bus station bus station will also be adjusted. Which 72 lines of the 548.5 bus, will be from the new bus station transition. The existing 5 long-distance bus terminal will continue to use until the area of 4 passenger terminal station is fully completed and put into use, the existing 5 passenger stations will be transferred unconditionally and exit the stage of history. This is January 20th, reporters from the City Transportation Bureau of transportation management office was informed of the.

(Note: the names behind the figures, said daily from Xining to the bus class destination number, for example, Lanzhou high customer class 10, is from Xining to Lanzhou high off to 10 flights daily; and 0.5 classes, for every other day departure 1 trips. )

the provincial class line 34 class 51.5:

the state (city) where the interurban class line 8 class 197:

– Jigao line 3 class 144 class passengers:

100 in rape flowers scenic spot: Menyuan class 3;

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