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– the national top ten children’s Welfare Institute, Xining children’s Welfare Institute

what is the most precious emotion in the world? Do you know what they are most eager to get when you are faced with a child who has been disabled and abandoned? In Xining city children’s Welfare Institute, a group of dedicated workers, with their own understanding of life, with love, let children get a family like care and care.


is a 2000 snow in winter night, the police sent a "severe scleredema of newborn, due to multiple organ failure, intracranial hemorrhage, was immediately sent to hospital for two days, did not alleviate the condition, the hospital gave up treatment. In order to save the life of this young, the "mother" who decided to fight a fight and death, 24 hour special care, every two hours to measure temperature and humidity, every two hours with a syringe for feeding time, as time goes on, the child was a little bit back from the dead line. These young mothers not only depicts the moving picture of the maternal love; also with love, full of home workers to serve the people ruziniu style!

people say first love is unforgettable, because it is a wonderful feeling. The most memorable is that disabled children call my first "Mama" sounds like a very ordinary "Mama" has revealed the child heart longing for love, the more that these children are easy to meet with love, they will simply feel as long as you he is good, you are his mother "".

one day in June 1998, in a live less than 7 days old baby, open the burden of "mother" who was shocked: two double temporal hematoma, head of "Shou", his eyes closed, eyes prominent orbital, yellowing of the skin and hands like "pig", like "double foot duck", because many children need surgery cases of congenital malformation, long, thin weak him, a little attention will have life risk. The nursing department assigned to care, 24 hours of uninterrupted monitoring their children’s vital signs, now the child has grown big boy, in the eyes of a child, the caregiver is the "mother", he has the "mother" only in the mouth, but also to stay in my heart.

this "mother", gave them too many feelings!

mother who decided to either quit or wonderful to stay here, since we chose this line, we have to respect our occupation, love our occupation, loyal to our occupation, but also to be responsible for our children. In this way, the "mother" who is here for decades, but also truly appreciate the well-being of a child welfare workers and happiness.

in the children’s welfare home, mothers who face every day of those children with disabilities, repeat dressing and feeding, pick up urine feces, bath and other daily work. These everyday students;

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