North District Women’s Federation take measures to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and i

in order to carry out the women’s legal education deeply, let more people understand the women’s knowledge of the law, and earnestly safeguard their legitimate rights and interests of the District Women’s Federation and many departments jointly, take various measures to effectively do the work of women and children rights. First, strengthen the legal publicity and education, optimize the social environment of women’s rights. To carry out a wide range of legal publicity and education activities, make full use of "38 rights", "6.26 weeks" International Day against drug abuse and other favorable opportunity to carry out advocacy activities, through the issuance of promotional materials, lectures, on-site consultation services, expanding social influence, and further enhance the people and young women learn law, usage, the law consciousness, improve women’s rights according to law, and actively create a good atmosphere of the whole society to respect women, protect the legitimate rights and interests of women. The two is to give full play to the role of women’s rights stand, increase the intensity of women’s rights. Joint District comprehensive management office, bureau of Justice issued "on Further Strengthening and regulating the notice" North District Women’s rights service station, towns, streets and re adjust the women’s rights station staff, unified issued people’s mediation agreement, give full play to the protection of women’s rights, patience and meticulous work of women petition cases. The three is the establishment of women’s rights volunteers, providing multi-channel rights for women and children. Launch area female judges, procurators and legal workers and staff enthusiastic women work to join, the establishment of women rights organization network more widely, the organization and coordination of all sectors of society to care and support for women’s rights, and for the masses of women to provide legal, policy, psychological counseling service and help to promote family harmony, maintain social stable. Four is to increase the intensity of case mediation, play the advantages of women’s federations and the role of judicial assessors, and actively participate in a number of women repeatedly petition or must be resolved through judicial means to resolve the case and audit. To help poor women in need of timely contact with the district Judicial Bureau to provide legal aid. The major or serious family violence cases combined with comprehensive management, judicial process. At the same time continue to improve the quality of human rights advocates, to persuade the petitioners through rational and legitimate way to express the interests of the demands, to better protect the rights of the masses of women. Five is the establishment of the court of women’s rights in the district court, composed of civil, juvenile court judges. In the case of infringement of the rights and interests of women and children in the trial, the judge to the principle of mediation priority, efforts to reduce the cost of litigation, simplify the proceedings, for women living in poverty reduction of litigation fees. Efforts to resolve conflicts and disputes through mediation means to effectively maintain and build a harmonious family relations and social relations. Six is to play the role of petition window, effectively resolve social conflicts. The District Women’s Federation adhere to the one hand, a hand grasping rights "approach, first, the petition work as to resolve social contradictions, making the petition reception system, earnestly implement the basic functions of women’s rights, and actively resolve the unstable factors, and properly solve the problem of channel access, to maintain social stability. In the first half, the District Women’s Federation received a total of 20 cases of letters and visits, of which there are 10 cases of domestic violence, the other for family conflicts, child support disputes, treatment rate of up to 100%, mediation success rate of 95%.


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