Discussion on behalf of members for the two new goals to create a harmonious judicial environment

yesterday, attended the twelve session of the provincial people’s Congress representatives and members of the CPPCC Provincial Committee attended a meeting of the Committee of the two houses of the report for discussion and Discussion on the eleven.

provincial Party Committee Standing Committee Xu Fushun, Luo Yulin, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, each of the group (Group) to discuss the discussion of the Committee of the Communist Party of China, such as:, Dorje Geltan, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on.

on behalf of members, in 5 years, the provincial court to exercise judicial power independently in accordance with the law, strengthen self construction, embodies the justice for the people, made new achievements in promoting the sustained and stable economic development, social harmony and stability, national unity and progress; the provincial procuratorate to fulfill the terms of the Constitution and the law of the service, the province’s economic and social development. To maintain social harmony and stability, strengthen the investigation and prevention of job-related crimes, to promote the construction of anti-corruption, strengthen legal supervision, improve the level of standardization of law enforcement, judicial fairness, the legal effect, political effect, social effect of organic unity.

On behalf of the members of the

, the provincial courts and procuratorates of the next five years should give full play to the positive role in promoting steady and rapid economic development, promoting social harmony and accelerating the building of socialist democratic politics. Provincial courts should give full play to the role, to further enhance the quality of the case, to further enhance the affinity and credibility of the judicial trial, to strengthen the team building. The provincial procuratorate to the overall situation of the province as the center, to ensure sustained and healthy economic and social development, the investigation and prevention of job-related crimes, improve the construction of law enforcement standardization level, strengthen grassroots procuratorial work and team construction.

delegates suggested that the "house" to continue to strengthen anti-corruption efforts; to crack down on illegal and criminal activities to split the motherland and undermine social harmony and stability; make reasonable people fight to win the lawsuit, let the poor people engage in lawsuits; serve the people’s ideas and further enhance awareness of basic services, and constantly strengthen team building, efforts to make the "house" work to a new level, to achieve the "two new" aims to provide a more harmonious legal environment. (author: Li Xin)


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