Creating a city children’s etiquette education from the table

went to a friend’s house by the friend of the couple hospitality. Dinner, friends high school son saw a flat disc of his favorite dishes, "command" mother brought to him alone, friends rushed to the dish into two plates, give him half results, he and his mother trouble without end. Ordinarily, high school students are 14th Five-Year years old, still so capricious in front of their parents, so do not be real.

According to

reports, American children generally start at the age of 2 dining etiquette etiquette system study, all 4 years old learn to eat; slightly larger, about 5 years old children would be happy to do something before the meal for all tableware, cutlery and other cleaning up after meals can. This can reduce the burden of parents on the one hand, on the other hand, let the children have a sense of participation, for etiquette education, but also to learn some of the table manners to receive guests.

not only that, Americans often regard etiquette education as an introductory course in moral education. They think that the ideal role model is an English gentleman. American children’s etiquette education began at the table, the United States more than 10 years of age children eat, it is very elegant.

American family is known as the "table as a classroom" tradition. From the children on the first day of the dinner table, the parents began to carry out his physical or intangible "meal education" to help children learn good dining etiquette. In our country, smart parents will take the table as a family education class. However, what we see is a family to feed the baby scene, parents want their children to eat more, eat better, our table is nothing more than the education of the child’s doting.

parents go to work, the children go to school, the family get together only when the time to eat. However, some parents regard the table as a rebuke to the child’s "lobby", asked the child how many points of the exam, the recent criticism, whether there is no complete operation, etc.. Let the children have no appetite to eat, and even do not want to eat with the parents at the table.

in the United States, parents from an early age to cultivate the ability to exercise their children. When the children grow up to a certain age, parents most often do is to encourage children to eat their own, children grow up to 1 and a half years old, started his love with a spoon soup vegetables. The vast majority of American parents believe that children want to eat their own, marking a kind of "personality independence" yearning, should be given positive encouragement.

the guest came to our home, parents will teach children to say hello to guests, dinner guests toast to the table, this is the most basic courtesy. While the Americans in the meal, children are the first lesson of etiquette education is to eliminate the partial eclipse, picky eaters. They believe that the child partial eclipse, picky eating habits are mostly caused by parents. Therefore, they pay special attention to the child’s partial eclipse, picky eaters correct. We found that the child’s favorite food which, regardless of the guests or the owner, will be able to let the children eat enough, all the child with the same little prince. Americans, on the contrary, if they find that the child is eating a certain food and other;

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