Moral lecture into the Xining Federation of trade unions

moral lecture is an important part of this year’s city civilized degree index, Xining City Federation of trade unions attaches great importance to the construction of moral lecture, it is included in the annual focus of the work of the construction of spiritual civilization, the responsibility to the people, a hierarchical and progressive steps, and vigorously promote the basic moral norms.

is effective to promote organ moral lecture building, Xining City Federation of trade unions from the propaganda content, preaching style, in accordance with the "management normalization, fixed position, diverse forms, rich in content" requirements, enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of moral lecture, in the development of moral lecture activities, by everyone the chorus of "citizens’ moral song" Guo Mingyi first, watch movies and other die deeds "provisions of action", make full use of the existing organization system and the carrier, the actual contact about their own side of the moral model, such as: moral reflections, greatly enriched the moral lecture form, into the content of citizen moral construction is strong lecture ", enhance the moral quality of all cadres of workers, creating a moral character, to promote the moral spirit of respect, kindness and moral practice conduction Good atmosphere of ethics. (author: Ye Wenjuan Song Fang)

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