Xining City District invites people to review the work of one year

it is understood that in order to make the annual target assessment work down GDP index, strengthen the scientific development oriented, outstanding performance, optimization of online examination, gradually reduce the assessment work line, research areas of performance appraisal system in the city, 40 District Department of work unit annual completion, through the evaluation module of performance assessment system of opinion, evaluation. The public and belonged to all units can be found: http// web site, entering the areas of performance appraisal system of social satisfaction evaluation website, you can see the social satisfaction questionnaire, the questionnaire has belonged to 40 units of administration according to law, the efficiency of seven specific evaluation indexes of each index were set up "satisfaction, satisfied, in general, not satisfied, do not understand the" evaluation standard, the public access to the system can fill in the questionnaire.

I found that the evaluation index is more scientific, specific, and set the advice column, you can collect public comments and suggestions. The public online evaluation period ended December 19th, the community and the general public in accordance with the above standards, to evaluate the various departments and units of the 2014 annual work target, and puts forward specific suggestions.


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