Xining women’s Federation held a pre assessment of development planning and monitoring training sess

on the afternoon of July 1st, the Xining Municipal Women’s Federation held the women’s children’s development planning monitoring and evaluation work training meeting for the city in 2010, women and children to achieve the goal of planning.

it is understood that the monitoring contents including women and the economy, women’s participation in decision-making and management, more than and 200 indexes of women and children and education, women’s and children’s health, women and children and the law, women and children and the environment etc.. Involving nearly 30 members of the labor and Social Security Bureau, Health Bureau, education bureau. Xining city women’s Federation asked the members of the unit, in the premise of good pre assessment of basic work, and the data collected were carefully reviewed and evaluated the data and monitoring report review, listen to their opinions and suggestions, and ensure the quality evaluation, truly through the pre assessment work to understand the situation, find out the base, found the problem, a comprehensive grasp of the development of women and children, women and children to accurately determine the development goal realization degree, found the problem, and puts forward some countermeasures to promote the full realization of the planning objectives. At the same time, for the government to formulate the planning and development of women and children will target the development of women and children into the province’s "12th Five-Year" plan to provide the scientific basis for the monitoring and evaluation results into the real effective way to promote the development of women and children.


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