There are 9 bus recharge points

Recently, there are people call the community weekly, asked the specific location of the bus card recharge points in the city. In this regard, the reporter learned from the Xining public transport group, currently a total of 9 bus card recharge points.

"commercial pedestrian street Xiang Jia Hao Yiwu small commodity city 3 floor

long East Avenue sunshine woman negative layer

"Road Transport Corporation (opposite of the children’s Hospital of oblique)

/ public street Jinsong Building 1 floor Jinsong supermarket (opposite Yang Jiaxiang)

– Thailand Commodity City 2 1 floor

"Bridge Street Lei Jia Xiang China Telecom business hall

/ Tongren Road business hall 2 floor China Telecom

/ south area of Park Avenue China Telecom business hall  

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