Xining to create urban landscape with the autumn

From mid July onwards, through the centralized rectification and consolidation rectification, the provincial capital of the green landscape belt have undergone tremendous changes, neat style large "green carving", different colors of street landscape, The grass is green and luxuriant. public green and small theme park for the public to enjoy with fresh and natural green living environment. In order to allow the continuation of this green, from September 1st to November, Xining will be implemented to enhance the green belt landscape project, so that more gorgeous autumn Xining.

this year launched the national forest city to create work, Xining city plans to invest 500 million yuan to implement the forestry ecological afforestation 262 thousand and 700 acres, the new Zengcheng green garden area of 40 hectares, the coverage rate increased from 37.1% in 2011 to 37.4%, built-up area green, public green area per capita in 2011 increased from 9.5 square meters to 10 square meters. These figures have been confirmed in the summer: regardless of standing on the high overlooking Xining, or in a wide area overlooking the north and South Mountains, Xining really green, and many people repeatedly issued a sigh.

It is reported that

, the build autumn landscape belt in Xining city will be combined with the fall planting season, planting trees to carry out a comprehensive road, green space, lack of plant by irrigation, ground covers and lawns, ensure that no bare land. At the same time, continue to small garden, street green landscape to enhance the transformation, to create fine green landscape. Destroy the road along the sides of the barren hill, in the city entrance and high grade highway construction Easy Access. An important area in the streets and parks set flower attractions, create a terrace, and do the attractions of the maintenance work, timely watering, weeding, replacing the ruins of flowers. From time to time to carry out the green chair sketch, cleaning, painting, painting, timely check and maintenance of green fence facilities, maintain green facilities in good condition. (author: Zhou Jianping)


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