Xining City District to raise the level of subsidies for urban and rural residents

7 month 16 days, reporters from the City District of Xining City Civil Affairs Bureau learned: in order to further reduce the prices for poor families in urban and rural areas caused by the pressure, and effectively protect the subsistence allowances for basic living, according to the provincial Civil Affairs Department "notice" on the improvement of the subsistence allowances allowances, the city district from July 1, 2008 onwards, improve the level of subsidy again.

the scope of basic living allowances for urban and rural residents to improve the level of subsistence allowances has been included in the scope of urban and rural residents minimum living security coverage. City residents per month based on the original subsidy level, monthly issuance of 15 yuan subsidy, socialized monthly payment, basic rural residents object change the original security standard, the issuance of 60 yuan subsidy per person per year. It is understood that this is from July 2007, the fourth consecutive increase in the level of urban low-income subsidies.


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