Xining west district started the year battle

April 16th, Xining City West District held the "year" to tackle the mobilization meeting, Xining city with the "year" working, to the west of the city area in 2013 the "year" work arrangements. Today, West District will focus on pollution reduction, water pollution control, industrial emissions standard work supervision, noise control and other aspects of the sprint to the "year" index.

this year, West District will focus on the development of environmental protection special action, strengthening environmental emergency work mechanism, increase coal-fired boilers from coal to gas, cooking fume remediation efforts to increase the small rivers, small ditches remediation, small rivers, small ditches basically eliminating the "black odor" phenomenon, increase the transformation of city drainage, strengthening of wastewater treatment the intensity of industrial enterprises. Starting this year, all the primary schools in the west district will have a unified environmental protection education topics, environmental classes will be formally incorporated into the local curriculum, environmental education classes every academic year of not less than 12 hours.

at the same time, the area will be 24 hours of construction site supervision, optimize the area of traffic noise management, increase the forbidden area management and control, improve the noise standard area construction, promote the construction of quiet community. Will focus on strengthening the supervision of shopping malls, pavement, business premises and other commercial noise. Unreasonable layout, noise nuisance serious enterprise, boiler room for rectification, shutdown, stop. A variety of regulatory measures will be taken to ensure that the mean value of the noise of the trunk line and the mean of the regional environmental noise will be consolidated and improved on the basis of standards.

In addition,

will fully verify the production, collection, storage, transportation, utilization and disposal of hazardous materials, and establish a ledger, strict supervision of hazardous waste, the establishment of long-term management mechanism of hazardous waste. Will promote the region’s industrial and domestic water conservation work, the implementation of industrial water conservation and renovation projects. The implementation of waste reduction, harmless and resourceful, do a good job of effective protection of the stench, to solve the complaints surrounding residents garbage disposal, urban and rural areas of environmental health. (author: Wu Yachun)

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