The County Tax Bureau Huang Zhai branch actively carry out trade style building activities

in order to earnestly implement the clean and honest, solid implementation of the internal control mechanism, and constantly improve the punishment and prevention system and style construction industry, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Bureau Huang Jia Zhai branch with tax management activities and taxpayer satisfaction survey work, and actively take measures to strengthen the cadre style construction industry.

Huang Zhai branch organization of cadres and workers to conscientiously carry out the style construction industry self correction activities, each of the cadres with their own actual work, from the tax law enforcement, tax service, style construction and work discipline and other aspects, to find the problems and deficiencies, combined with the "tax source management activities, to find the sources of revenue management risk, strengthen the the risk consciousness, plugging loopholes in management. At the same time, to further optimize the tax service work, strengthen the taxpayer’s tax propaganda counseling efforts, timely deal with the tax related matters, change work style, improve efficiency, improve taxpayer compliance with tax law enforcement and satisfaction. (author: Xian Xiang Lan)

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