Xining west police built the first online video surveillance system

June 17th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau West Branch, for the supervision and restraint of public security police handling the case, Xining City Public Security Bureau completed and put into use the first video surveillance system.

it is understood that the West Branch in the introduction of advanced technology, improve the ability of science and technology strong police, while police law enforcement efforts to increase supervision, the first to build the first online monitoring system. The online monitoring system connected to the overall situation of the 7 police station interrogation room and law enforcement investigators and other places, and the police station hall, the household registration window also made a connection.


connection through the system of the camera, the command center of the Service Bureau inspectors, supervision and inspection of all windows, such as the attitude of the police work supervision and inspections of police interrogation standardization law enforcement investigators, effectively constrained police law enforcement investigators and civilized law enforcement. The video monitoring system for each unit can also do online daily duty patrol guard, to facilitate the timely detection of police law enforcement is not standardized, attitude is not nice, and give a correct.


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