The introduction of the implementation of the province to further relax the use of housing provident

For the further implementation of the provincial government "on promoting the stable and healthy development of the real estate market implementation opinions" (Qing Zheng 2015 No. 58) spirit, promote employee housing consumption, Qinghai Province Department of housing and urban rural construction, Qinghai Provincial Department of finance, the people’s Bank of Xining Center branch China October 15th issued the "Circular on further improvement of the housing provident fund service".

the "notice" clear, workers paid housing provident fund in my name, not only can be used to pay the spouses, parents or children to buy housing that occurs when a residential maintenance fund, as well as various types of taxes, transaction fees, surveying fee, registration fee and fee purchase supporting expenditures, but also can be used for immediate repayment relatives of individual housing loan business. In addition, the normal housing provident fund deposit, and no loan balance of housing provident fund workers entrusted deposit units, each year from 3000 yuan housing provident fund in my name, for the payment of housing when the annual property charges.

transfer housing provident fund loans for the implementation of individual housing loan business, the "notice" clearly, employees to purchase owner occupied housing, the loan period may be extended to the statutory retirement age of 5 years, the longest duration of the loan to relax for 30 years; to have 1 sets of housing and has settled the corresponding purchase loans of households, in order to improve the living conditions of re apply for housing provident fund loans to buy housing, the minimum down payment ratio from 30% down to 20%. Paid workers and common borrowers monthly payment of housing provident fund, together with the real wages, bonuses and other salaries included in the disposable income, a comprehensive evaluation of the ability of employees to repay, improve the actual loan amount. Paid workers to apply for housing provident fund housing loans to individuals, I agree to the housing provident fund deducted from the amount calculated monthly income, without staff units issued proof of income; for rent housing fund issued by the real estate information query results show that real estate Chanquanchanji management department shall collect fees.  

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