Xining Federation of industry and Commerce awarded the national organization for the glorious cause

May 28th, the Chinese glorious cause of the meeting will be held in Beijing, focused on recognition of the glorious achievements of the past three years of outstanding units and individuals. At the meeting, the Xining Federation of industry and Commerce won the National Award for glorious cause, was commended.

three years ago, the Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government guidance and the leadership of the Xining Municipal Federation of industry and Commerce Guangcai work in the province to promote light, with Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide to "both righteousness and virtue both" principle, the main task of Federation of industry and commerce around the municipal government center and the new period, the capital of play the advantages of the city, continue to explore new ways and forms of glorious career development. Actively organize and mobilize members to participate in the Yushu earthquake relief donations amounted to 30 million yuan; participate in the construction of new socialist countryside, invested 3 million 780 thousand yuan; participate in the work of employment and re employment, organized private enterprise recruitment week and female workers and construction employment special recruitment; participate in the construction of economic and social areas, promoting public welfare undertakings, donations to build hope primary school, limeng Kang Chi founded Lechong classes, to make a positive contribution to the construction of life of the city, the city of happiness.

the award, is the Xining Federation of industry and Commerce in 2009 after winning the glorious cause of the Qinghai organization award, made another honor.


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